The Truth

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

I can't face the truth
So i'll lying here
Dont hate me because
I can't quit anymore
So i'll go on until one day's
U know you are my best
That i ever had in my life
I can do whatever i want
But i can't if this is about you
Don't leave
Before i tell u the truth
That i love u
I got this feeling
And this is for you
My heart my breath and my life
Although i just only can whisper
But i still believe that
You will hear my heartbeat
If someone else look in on your heart
I promise i'll kill him for you
And if i perfoce to be a blind
I'll be prepared to do
Just to get close to you
Stay with me and watch me respire
Take a look at me know
And this is how you make
My heart feel truism
How beautiful you are.

copyright © 2009 syafiqhafiz all rights reserved.

I swore that i am not lied about this,that is not necessary right =)
Credits : ipos and ajie. Please fix it ;]


angah said...

wow..nice dude..if u love someone..just tell her u do..
appreciate ur feeling..=)

P.Ramlee said...

huu ;P
haha try to read it back
again and again ;)

insan sepi.. said...

yup..jgn tgu2 lg..
t terlepas ditangan org len...menangis x brlagu..

P.Ramlee said...

harap harap ta terlepas
ajar bagaimana nak ikat
cepat2 :P

angah said...

means wat..??
i can't see da meaning clearly lor..
u still trying to get n do everything..wont let dat gurl go but she dun believe/relief u do..datz wat i dat true..?

annyway,,how great u r p.ramlee..
itz nice to be ones of ur fwen..

btw..i noe who u r insan sepi..=)

insan sepi said...

wat??u know me??
u sure??

i dont know u??
how u cn know me???

cn u xplain??

angah said...

hahahaha..nothing to xplain..
im not tadika's keyh..=]

P.Ramlee said...

angah ; hurm try explore lagi madsud ayat tuh ;P

kenal insan sepi??sape sape sape? haha

P.Ramlee said...

insan sepi ; cewah :P

insan sepi said...

if u cnt xplain ist ok..

seriously i don know u??

P.Ramlee said...

berborak la korang ye,hahaha ;))

insan sepi said...


akn kenang jasa kamu..

P.Ramlee said...


Anonymous said...

ya !
semoga bahagia dengan si Dia..